"No longer will they build houses where others live in,

Or plant and others eat….


They will not toil in vain or bear children doomed to misfortune;

Prophesy of Isaiah

(Ch. 65 vv 22 – 23)






To make an egalitarian society where everyone will have equal resources and opportunities and well-being



Equip and empower the poor and marginalized economically, socially and politically and to create a space for them to live in dignity.





A Voluntary organization established in 1973. It is an ecumenical organization with a secular focus working mainly among the urban poor in Mumbai. It is registered as a Society and Trust under Societies Registration Act, 1860 and Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. Since its inception BUILD has been successfully engaged in equipping and empowering the poor and the marginalized to attain their basic rights and dignity of life. We hope to share  and communicate with you our struggles and experience in our option for and  involvement with the urban poor. 



Sectors where the organisation is involved:


Urban and rural sector on poverty alleviation/ livelihood/ food security/ housing, Urban Local Governance, Human Rights, Communal Harmony, Church and Society, Networking, Campaigns and Advocacy, Women’s Empowerment & gender concerns, Dalits & tribals, HIV/AIDS and Disaster Management and Mitigation


Core components: Community Organization/Mobilization, Building People’s Organizations/Collectives, Awareness building, Training & Capacity building, Networking, Campaigns, Communication, Advocacy, Relief and Rehabilitation, Documentation and Publications


Regions of the country where the organization is working:


City and suburbs of Mumbai and rural outskirts of Mumbai, Maharashtra; through networking we extend our support to other organizations and movements across the country; during disasters we send our emergency team to the affected areas for needful interventions.



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